Sporting Events Minibus in Newport

It is plainly obvious that Wales prides itself on sports events and due to lack of success in the main British sport, namely football; rugby has been at the forefront instead. The main rugby team is Newport Rugby Football Club. This is a once legendary and feared team which famously won the all Blacks back in the days. They boast many famous names such as David Watkins and others. Nowadays they play in the Welsh Premier Division and the home games venue is Rodney Parade. It also has a whole host of other lesser rugby teams.

In terms of football the main team is Newport County and they were formed back in 1912. They play association football under the football conference at this point in time, but don’t let this put you off. They spent a great deal of time playing in the football league and bankruptcy in the later years did put a dent to their status later on in the years.

There are also four teams who play for the Welsh Football League and are based in Newport. These are Newport YMCA, Lianwen, Newport Civil Service and also Caerleon. Also worth mentioning is the Celtic Manor Resort which caters for all golfing needs.