School Trips Minibus and Coach Hire in Newport

You are sure to find many good locations for children activities in Newport and this is due to the whole country of Wales being a beacon for adventure.

Carisbrooke Castle is worth checking out as it offers many sites, gardens and history which has been a prison for royalty back in the days. You can enjoy the bird’s eye view as well as riding on the famous donkeys. You can even dress as a solider and learn about the fire cannons as well.

The Newport Roman Villa is also a suitable and similar venue which is good for children activities includes quizzes and also for its herb garden as well. It has a roman kitchen, bath suite and also a big exhibition area.

At Newport Minibus and Coach Hire we can provide safe transport for all children school visits and all of our vehicles are equipped with child safety and disability friendly features. School children must be supervised by adults at all times. Please contact our customer service team for any special arrangement.

For a fun day out you can visit the Splatter on Paintball who have many annual events including Youth events and also annual competitions. There are also various gadgets you can navigate including speed ball machines.