49 Seater Coach hire Newport

49 Seater Volvo and Mercedes
The 49 Seater coach hire comes in a Volvo and Mercedes is an exceptional choice when it comes to picking out a minibus for your trip. This vehicle has luxury and convenience written all over it. To top that off it can hold up to forty-nine people, which is an amazing fleet choice. With comfortable seating and a long line of choices to offer in a functional vehicle, there is no telling where this may take you, well unless you are the tour guide. However, this vehicle is among the safer vehicles and provides ultimate support for the passengers. This would be a great option for the larger groups, schools, families that want space, or even family reunions. The windows are large and tinted, and the front facing window is just as large, you can almost get a full three hundred and sixty views as you travel down the road. Just do not forget to put on your seat belt. These vehicles are perfect for sports tours, or even corporate client groups. Some of the vehicles have curtains and even night lighting. The vehicle has full ac control and a luxury pa system. To top that off it has reclining seats and some even offer a toilet.

• Advantages: The advantages of the 49 Seater coach hire Newport in Volvo and Mercedes is exceptional. With the ability to have the full potential luxury and the finest means of transportation, this choice will only be one of the best options to choose from. If you have a need to get some relaxing time and read at night, you have that. If you need a cold drink, there is a fridge that allows you to get one, even if you want to sit a look out the window, there is an astonishing view that can be seen. The possibilities with this 49 Seater are truly unlimited and would be one of the best and most comfortable to travel in.
• Possible Scenarios of Use: A great scenario to use this bus would be on a tour or a large corporate group’s trip. Another would be bands or sports teams. This would allow everyone to be comfortable and enjoy the trip in a fashionable and luxurious manner.