16 Seater Minibus Newport

The Iveco is a 16 seater minibus brand and is known for its luxury of fashion and ease. There are multiple choices of lengths that this vehicle offers, and to top that off it can offer seating arrangements from one to sixteen people. This vehicle has options for different fittings such as a display for objectives, ticket machines, and potential stop button requests. Another great feature that this vehicle offers is the convenience for the disabled. It includes a ramp in the back for easy loading and unloading to service your needs throughout the duration of the trip. Since this vehicle has the capability to move seats fast and efficient, you can easily add room for those that request. The Iveco 16 Seater Minibus Standard provides convenience and comfort with reclining seating and localized storage compartments. There are also USB ports and LED lighting located all over the vehicle for multiple uses. Passengers have the ability to see the back of the vehicle while traveling with the LCD monitor showing the rear end camera.
• Advantages: The Iveco 16 Seater has many different advantages that one could find unique and perfect for their travels. Since it has the ability to change seating fast, you can easily go from a single person rider to having sixteen people in one vehicle. It allows the ability to load and unload people that require disability services. Moreover, to top that off, the vehicle is compact but spacious at the same time. There are compartments are located in a simple to reach the area, so grabbing your belongings or loading them will be easier during travels.
• Possible Scenarios of Use: The Iveco 16 Seater can be functional for many different occasions. For example, if you are a large family or have a group that needs to travel together to a location for a birthday party, this would be ideal. Another great example would be for a bachelor party, you could use the services to get to the party, then get back to the original location and know that each member will be safe and secure. On the other hand, if a member needs a ramp to get in and out, the rear-loading ramp make this highly convenient for any type of service or occasion.

Renault 16 Seater Standard
The Renault 16 Seater Standard has a lot of positive reviews and potential uses. With the vehicle, showing reviews of the safety measure that it takes only helps to life this vehicle to the next level. It provides a slip-resistant floor and tracking protection. There are safety features such as additional lights for the courtesy lift, and lights that can be switched on and off in the cab. There is a glass panel escape door that is easily accessed and the windows are treated with a body side glazing to ensure extra safety. There are extinguishers and first aid kids on board and a handrail to help with those that need assistance. This type of vehicle is one of the best for school and youth groups. Another great feature that this vehicle provides is the safety measure that they disability require to have on a moving vehicle, however, there is not a rear access door, but with a little ease, a chair could easily fit in the side door.

• Advantages: The advantages of the Renault 16 Seater Standard are many. With the safety features that this vehicle provides, one will know that all the passengers on board will have the right access to first aid kits and proper safety kits if there is any danger presented. The vehicle is great for those that want a little extra protection as well as the knowledge that the vehicle is comfortable to use while traveling down the road.
• Possible Scenarios of Use: One of the best scenarios that this vehicle can provide is a great field trip vehicle. The extra protection that it can offer children of all ages, will allow parents and family members to know their loved ones will have one extra measure of safety. This is vital to those that are traveling hours away for a short vacation, or for those parents who have children that are scared to be in a vehicle. You can never be too safe while you are on the road, and this vehicle has all and more when it comes to safety.
Volkswagen Crafter 16 Seater Standard

The Volkswagen Crafter 16 Seater Standard is another great vehicle for accessibility. It does include a wheelchair folding ramp and an electric wheelchair lift. The vehicle also provides a quick release; therefore, you will not have to fear the potential of getting stuck. The entire interior can be moved around allowing more space if it is required, and the seats are still just as comfortable as they would be in an elite minibus. This vehicle also provides a great safety for the passengers and the driver. With fog lights, electric windows, and a central locking device, this vehicle is luxurious and safe all in one. Even the driver and the front seat passengers have full access to the back cab during the transition. To top that all off, because safety is key in each of these specials, the seat belts are fashioned after the three-prong clipping system. Therefore, you can know you are safe no matter what seat you choose to sit in.
• Advantages: The Volkswagen Crafter 16 Seater Standard has all the safety means and comfort one could look for in a minibus. However, it may not have all the technical specs that other minibusses have; it is efficient with safety and accessibility. It has wheelchair access and a life with quick releases, and to top that safety off it has a three-prong seat belt system in each of the seats.

• Possible Scenarios of Use: This minibus will be great for the disabled or for a school trip. Another great idea would be for the elderly that might have a hard time moving about, this vehicle can provide them an easy way to get in and out of the vehicle as well as obtaining the full safety they require.