14 Seater Minibus Newport

While looking through the best options to consider when choosing the right minibus to hire, the 14 seaters minibus hire in Newport is a great start. They offer a wide range of accessibility as well as have the luxury for a smaller sized group. Take a look below to get a good Idea of one of the 14 Seaters that Newport Minibus Coach Hire can offer for you and your group.

Ford Transit 14 Seater Minibus hrie newport Standard

The Ford Transit 14 Seater Minibus Standard is a vehicle that offers new age technology and convenience. With the ability to allow the passengers to control music and receive phone calls, this vehicle allows comfort and useful tools for the duration of their travels. There are options to use a Bluetooth phone, or MP3 player if that is also needed. Another great feature that this vehicle allows would be the automatic headlights. This helps with ensuring safety for each of the passengers and to top that off if there is a need to stop during dusk or night, the lights will automatically turn on to allow the right amount of light for any occasion. Since this vehicle is made for the use of technology, it would not be as beneficial if it did not have a fuel efficiency gear change. This is ideal for those traveling longer distances and is looking for a smarter cost-effective vehicle to travel in. Those who love technology but love economical attributes, then this would be a great choice. All of the windows are electronic, and there is remote central locking to provide extra protection. Inside the vehicle, there are dimmable lights that make it easy to read as well as passenger footing lights.